Samville Samoyeds

FCI-UKU 308/17

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Samuel Doty`k Vitru

Lavina Schast`ya S Hutora Dykanki

Samville samoyeds

Samville Samoyeds is a monobreed kennel of Samoyed dogs. Our dogs and puppies collected the best blood of the world's best kennel. On our website you will find a lot of interesting and useful information about the Samoyeds, puppies training, dog shows, handling and grooming. You can also buy / reserve a puppy from our breeding dogs. We are located in Ukraine, Lviv region, Drohobych.


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In the Litter 7 puppies (3 boys 4 girls). Puppies show - class. Puppies (bear type) are well built up, with a strong backbone, have a balanced mind and excellent health. It is possible to deliver them around the world.

Puppies info 3 Male, 4 Female

Samoyed puppies show-class, DOB 07.01.19 FCI, bearish type, excellent anatomy, champion bloodline...


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