Chipping puppies


Today We received puppy cards for our puppies of  Litter “A”. Now all our kids have a microchip, which makes it possible to identify the dog while travelling, on the shows …

In our house there are 7 perfectly-built kids. Short muzzles, a large skeleton and a strong temperament – that’s how you can characterize our kids.

Green ribbon – Atlant Samville / male

Blue Ribbon – Archibald Samville / male

White Ribbon – Alferanz Samville / male

Black Ribbon – Aria Samville / female

Pink Ribbon – Alexis Samville / female

Burgundy Ribbon – Asteri Samville / female

Purple Ribbon – Astrid Samville / female

Nutrition of Samoyed dogs

Only you decide what to feed your dog. Of course, the first time ..

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About the breed Samoyed dog

Samoyed is a friendly, gentle dog with a good character, it’s wonderful …

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Features of training Samoyed dog

To properly raise a Samoyed, you have to absorb the spirit of the pack …

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