Chipping puppies


Today We received puppy cards for our puppies of  Litter “A”. Now all our kids have a microchip, which makes it possible to identify the dog while travelling, on the shows …

In our house there are 7 perfectly-built kids. Short muzzles, a large skeleton and a strong temperament – that’s how you can characterize our kids.

Green ribbon – Atlant Samville / male

Blue Ribbon – Archibald Samville / male

White Ribbon – Alferanz Samville / male

Black Ribbon – Aria Samville / female

Pink Ribbon – Alexis Samville / female

Burgundy Ribbon – Asteri Samville / female

Purple Ribbon – Astrid Samville / female

Grooming and care

Caring for Samoyed dogs is quite simple: thick Samoyed fur is necessary …

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Samville Samoyeds congratulate everyone on the new 2018 year

Samville Samoyeds wish everyone a Happy New Year and the coming holidays! We want to wish everyone the same wonderful miracle that we all so dream about in the coming year. Although each has its own, but it is the most necessary and most important. I wish that all of us were alive and well,…

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Dog shows – the first time in the ring

To participate in the exhibition you must have …

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