About the breed Samoyed dog


Samoyed dog – an amazing animal. First, it is one of the oldest breeds, which accompanied man in the XI century BC. Secondly, it is an aboriginal dog, ie a gradually domesticated wild animal, and not bred by breeders and breeders.

Samoyed is a friendly, gentle dog with a good character. From Samoyed huskies come wonderful family pets and companions. Samoyed dogs are full of spirit and enthusiasm. They find a common language with almost everyone & nbsp; (Samoyeds are sometimes called Nanny Dogs).

Representatives of the Samoyed dog breed radiate strength, endurance, charm, grace, dignity and self-confidence. Samoyeds are not shy, and restraint is sometimes lacking even with strangers, so they are too trusting and friendly to be effective guards.

Samoyed dogs love to spend time with their owners and their families, they will be happy to be with people and in the thick of things.

These dogs get along well with children and are usually on good terms with other animals (if you already have a non-aggressive cat, you can safely get a Samoyed puppy – they are sure to find common ground).

Samoyeds are unpretentious dogs, both in food and care.

It’s amazing that caring for Samoyed dogs is fairly simple – you can read more about this on the grooming and care page.

Samville Samoyeds congratulate everyone on the new 2018 year

Samville Samoyeds wish everyone a Happy New Year and the coming holidays! We want to wish everyone the same wonderful miracle that we all so dream about in the coming year. Although each has its own, but it is the most necessary and most important. I wish that all of us were alive and well,…

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Samoyed dogs Health

In general, Samoyeds are a healthy breed of dog, but if you notice in your ward …

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Excellent photo session in the studio “Kieks”

Thanks to the photo studio “Kieks” for great photos. It was very interesting for us to take part in your New Year’s photo project. Our white fuzzies perfectly complement the New Year’s photos in such a wonderful year of 2018, the Year of the Dog. We all received lot of positive emotions and joy from…

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