Samville Samoyeds

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Samville Samoyeds

FCI-UKU 308/17

Our dogs and puppies have collected the best blood of the world's leading kennels. On our site you will find a lot of interesting and useful information. You can also buy a puppy from our kennel. We are located in Ukraine, Lviv region, Drohobych

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Samoyed is a friendly, gentle dog with a good character

Samoyeds radiate strength, endurance, charm, grace, dignity and self-confidence. These dogs get along well with children and are usually on good terms with other animals

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Proper nutrition

Dry food or natural food?

Samoyeds are generally not picky about their diet, but the food your dog eats directly affects their health and the number of years they live. Remember that food should be wholesome and easy to digest.

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Grooming and care

Caring for Samoyed dogs is quite simple

Samoyed is a dog with a beautiful, thick and fluffy coat, a polar bear, which wants to be hugged. "How do you wash them?!" is the most frequently asked question to samoyeds' owners))

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Dog shows - Samoyed in the ring

How dog shows are held, how to take part in it

Do you want to take part in Dog shows? You have studied in detail the standard of the Samoyed dog breed. You have passed a training course with a handler, gathered your will in your fists and are ready to go to the exhibition for the first time.

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Samoyed dog training features

These dogs long for communication with a wide range of people. To properly raise a Samoyed dog, you have to absorb the spirit of the pack and learn its laws.

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Samoyed Health

Samoyeds have not changed much since they helped northern peoples do hard work, so their health is quite strong. However, there are diseases to which the breed is more prone than others.

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