Nutrition of Samoyed dogs

Only you decide what to feed your dog. Of course, the first time you are obliged to give the puppy what the breeder gave him, and if necessary then transfer to the right and convenient food for you.

If your choice fell on artificial feed, it is better to choose it from the highest classes. It should be specialized, designed for medium / large and active dogs.

Dry food is a great choice, because it already contains all the necessary vitamins, it is balanced in advance. However, some breeders, and later owners of Samoyed dogs, stop at natural food. After all, what could be more useful than real food of natural origin? In fact, nothing, but it is very difficult to make a diet of natural food, you may need different vitamin complexes. If the food for your Samoyed is chosen correctly, its coat will be snow-white and shiny.

Advantages of natural food:

  • The menu is made individually;
  • You know for sure that the bowl has fresh and quality products;
  • The menu will be varied;
  • With allergies, you can easily replace one product with another.

Disadvantages of natural nutrition:

  • When compiling the menu, you must strictly adhere to the ratio of components;
  • You will have to calculate the portion size yourself, based on the size of the pet and the degree of its activity;
  • You will have to spend more time on cooking, and the products will take up extra space in the refrigerator;
  • With natural nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements are needed, especially during the period of development up to 2 years.

List of allowed and forbidden products

If you are on a natural diet, you need to know what foods you can give your pet, and which will cause irreparable damage to his health or stomach.

Allowed: from meat – beef, chicken and turkey, boneless ocean or sea fish, rice porridge or buckwheat, or both, products of sour-milk origin – kefir, low-fat natural cheese, sour milk or fermented milk, vegetables and greens – Samoyeds will have to taste almost all products in this category, fruit – you can also give it a variety of fruits, but in limited quantities and limit yourself to not too exotic. The last two names (vegetables and greens and fruits) are given only one name per day to avoid food allergies. Fruit is a dog encouragement.

Prohibited: a lot of carrots or beets, spices, fatty meat, any animal bones – strictly prohibited, potatoes, salt, sugar, spices, chocolate, sweet.

Advantages of eating dry food:

  • Food is already balanced in advance, no need to buy more vitamins;
  • You will be able to choose the series of food that is best for your breed;
  • Easy to take with you on the road if you are going on vacation or moving;

Disadvantages of dry food:

  • You will not be 100% sure that the composition indicated on the package matches the contents;
  • If the food is chosen incorrectly, the dog may develop allergies;
  • Cheap food contains poor quality products, it can cause health problems in dogs;
  • Dry food contains emulsifiers, preservatives, dyes and flavors;

It is up to the owner to decide which food is more convenient and will better meet the needs of the pet
How to feed a Samoyed puppy

Depending on age, the number of feedings per day may be different:

  • 2-3 months – 4-5 times a day;
  • 5 months – 3 feedings;
  • 7 months – 2 feedings.

Portions depend on the size of the puppy. When he is a baby, he is given little food, but fed often (5-6% of body weight), the older he gets, the larger the portion, but the number of feedings per day decreases. Meat is given from four months, but little by little and it must be ground. Fish can be given from 6 months, but it must be sea and cut into small pieces. From 7-9 months Samoyed switches to the diet of an adult dog.

If you are feeding your puppy dry food, the dosage and amount of food will be indicated on the package.

If you choose artificial feed, then buy only the best manufacturers. These include Royal Canine, Acana, Bosh.

If you feed your dog a natural, you will make sure that the menu is composed correctly and balanced.

If you see that the Samoyed’s coat has darkened or lost its luster, it is a direct signal that the food has been chosen incorrectly. Review the pet’s menu and diet. You need to be careful about this, because the food your dog eats directly affects his health and the number of years he has lived. Remember that food should be healthy and easy to digest. Avoid economical feeds or natural foods if they are difficult to prepare.

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