Dog shows – the first time in the ring


So, you have studied in detail the standard of the Samoyed dog breed. We have passed a training course with a handler, gathered our will in our fists and are ready to go to the exhibition for the first time. Then this article is just for you.

Registration and preparation for the exhibition

First, you need to find exhibitions, go to the official website of the CCU in the section exhibition calendar in the list to find the cities you need in the exhibition schedule for the current year.

Once you have found the appropriate exhibition, you need to register for it. Registration for the exhibition is always only preliminary.

The price of the exhibition at the beginning of the recording is always cheaper than in the last days.

To participate in the show, you must have a KSU-FCI puppy metric or a KSU-FCI pedigree. The metric and pedigree indicate the dog’s chip number.

You can enroll your four-legged child in a baby class (if you are 3 to 6 months old)

or in a class of puppies (from 6 to 9 months). Babies and puppies cannot close titles, they only receive a grade at the show.

Junior class – from 9 to 18 months

Intermediate class – 15 to 24 months

Llas is open – from 15 months to 8 years. & nbsp;

After 8 years – a class of veterans.

In the junior class close the titles: Young Champion of Ukraine.

In the open class, interval and champions – adult titles Champion of Ukraine, Grand Champion of Ukraine, Best of Breed, Champion of KSU.

Just in case, make a photocopy of the dog’s documents – a puppy card or pedigree, and take it with you to the show.

Next, what we need to participate in the exhibition are veterinary documents. Dogs must have a veterinary passport with rabies vaccination and

At least 30 days and no more than one calendar year must elapse from the date of vaccination. If at the exhibition the veterinary control sees a discrepancy between the date, then to the exhibition

You will not be allowed, and the money for the exhibition will not be returned.

The organizers of some exhibitions require a certificate F1 (form №1). To do this, the day before the show you need to come with a veterinary passport and a dog in

the state veterinary hospital of your city and get such a certificate from a veterinarian. It costs about 50 hryvnias.

So, the vaccination is normal, help (if you need it) on your hands and you are registered for the show. Now we need to gather all the necessary things for the exhibition. We need a handbag for treats and treats. You can use sliced ​​hard cheese, boiled chicken hearts or special dried meat, which can be bought in a pet store.

It is important that the dog receives these treats only at the show or during training and never eats it at home.

At the show, we will also need a puhoderka, a comb, and the necessary cosmetics to bring the final beauty before entering the ring.

It is not superfluous to take with you a dog cage (do not think that sitting all day with the owner on his lap is very comfortable), a folding chair (suitable for a simple light tourist chair) and, preferably, a grooming table. Beginners usually do not think about the need for a table, but in vain. The table gives you the opportunity to perfectly prepare the dog before the ring – comb, if necessary, powder the coat. You can also train the rack “in real life” so that the dog is not afraid of examination by an expert.

If you don’t have a ring, handbag and other useful things, don’t worry, be sure to run around the outlets at the exhibition…

Breed schedule, expert breakdown and ring time are often announced 3-4 days before the show.

Come to the show early, expect an extra hour or two to the ring – excluding roads and other time.

Baby and puppy classes always come first, followed by adults. The first are always dogs, then bitches. If you win your class, don’t run far – you will be called to the ring again, for comparison.

Baby dog ​​and bitch are compared to Best Baby breed, puppies male and female – to Best Puppy breed, juniors – to Best Junior breed, adult dogs

classes (interval, open, champions, veterans) – for the Best Male breed, female adult classes (interval, open, champions, veterans) – for the Best Bitch

breed. The final comparison is the selection of the Best of Breed (WWII).

The winners in their class go to the Best in the appropriate age groups, where the winners of the exhibition are chosen

To keep the dog from getting tired by the time of the main competitions, put it in the Cage.

By the way, the show dog simply has to be accustomed to boxing or cage because it is her house in which to rest comfortably.

So while the dog is resting, you have a few more things to do. First, you need to pick up a diploma with a description (issued in the exhibition ring or at registration). In diploma

Check for a seal, expert signature, and title.

It will be possible to analyze what is written in Navr’s diploma. Usually the description consists of strange symbols and abbreviations that are incomprehensible to the average person. Believe me, it will be a month or

two and you will be well versed in these abbreviations.

Before going to the best, tidy up your champion, don’t forget to walk – you can powder your hair more effectively for competitions. & nbsp;

We wish you more victories !!!

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