Grooming and care


Samoyed – a dog with a beautiful, thick and fluffy coat, a polar bear, which wants to hug and pet. A dog, when meeting with which the owners will be asked – “How do you wash it ?!”.

Surprisingly, the care of Samoyed dogs is quite simple: the thick fur of the Samoyed must be combed regularly. Regularly – this does not mean every day and every hour – it is enough to comb the dog once a week. & Nbsp;

Shearing Samoyeds is not recommended. Wool perfectly protects them from both cold and heat.

White Samoyed fur can change color (yellow or pink) – on the neck from the collar, so we do not recommend using leather collars, metal collar will pluck wool, so the best option is a budget-synthetic collars that are worn only before a walk. In other cases, the cause may be inadequate food, or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. – hair is a kind of indicator of the health of the dog.

Samoids should be washed only as they become dirty. Samoyeds, unlike many other breeds, have almost no odor. After bathing, the Samoyed dog’s hair should be dried either with a good powerful hair dryer or compressor – it’s faster and more efficient. If you bathe the dog in time and dry the coat badly, the Samoyed will become a kind of “pink flamingo” – the coat begins to grow and acquire a pink hue. For bathing we use shampoo “8 in 1 perfect coat white pearl” for dogs with white fur.

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